Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to Work

Tomorrow will be the start of l-o-n-g days--16-hour shifts.  It'll be my first day back at work since April 22.  I had the flu, cough, and colds.

I started feeling ill on Sunday night (4.22), and I woke up with the flu and chills the following morning.  To top that my body didn't react very well to the antibiotics that I have been taking.  It made me suffer from diarrhea.  I went to the bathroom in less than an hour after taking each antibiotic capsule.  There were days when I went more times than three times each day.

Both Ricky and I were sick.  Sure, we were able to spend time together but we weren't really able to do anything.  We just stayed home, watched TV, and rested a lot.  The best part of being on sick leave, though, was that I got to chat with my kids a lot.

My niece, Kenzie, is super cute.  Sam would carry her and let her sit on her lap.  While sitting on Ate (big sister) Sam's lap, she listened to me and laughed with me.  She's the family's little angel.  I can't wait to meet her in person soon.

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